Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Week Gone By

This week the kids had Back Yard Bible Club, which is our church's VBS. They had some really good lessons that I enjoyed myself.



I only took my camera one night but wish I had taken it yesterday for the big water balloon fight. It was lots of fun to watch.

We celebrated Jeremiah's birthday this week. The kids colored some paper for the wrapping paper.

Zahana was intent on practicing her letters. She spelled Miah's name all by herself though, true to form, she wrote the whole thing backwards. (She's left handed.)

The candles were a bit of a disaster. I used two different size candles and the lower ones were melting the taller ones quicker than I could get them all lit.

Oh well. It was fun anyway.

Peaches on our tree.

Chickens and garden.


  1. Looks like a fun VBS! We have a 5 Day Club we host here at our farm coming up! :) My kids are CRAZY about your peaches! YUM!!! And the chicken and garden shots are lovely! :)

  2. Those are your peaches?! I don't know why we can't get anything from our fruit tress.....

  3. Yes, those are our peaches. You should know though that I had to turn them all just right to get a picture; they're covered with bug holes. i guess that's organic for you.

  4. Great pictures! And I'm impressed that your chickens are in the garden and (I assume?) not destroying it. We had to build a fence around our garden.

  5. Shonya - Just that one gets out and she doesn't really do any damage. When they all get out though, they go straight for the garden and tear stuff up. Errrg!