Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Fun with Gramma

Friday (after breakfast and stories, of course) started out with the local pottery festival. The kids played with clay and even had the chance to throw on a wheel.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of the potters and pottery, but I was busy with one very sleepy boy and four kiddos who were just too hot.
So . . .
To the creek!

The many faces of Rock Guy.

There were lots of these big snails on the trees.

Larkin spent the time catching little critters.



  1. Oh, what a fun weekend you're having! I love Rock Guy! And the pottery-making... so jealous. My aunt was a potter, and my sister and I both dabbled in it in college. Too fun!

  2. rock guys! I love it! fun with grandma is always a wonderful thing...we love and savour it here, too:) hugs to you and yours:)

  3. That looks like SUCH fun! I am totally going to make a 'rock guy' with my kids this summer. :) I love the little newt.



  4. Oh my goodness. Every time I come here I think about how I would love to be one of your kids. If you every want to adopt me (40 something year old lady)-I'm yours:). Your adventures are awesome and inspiring. Thank you for sharing them!!

  5. Looks as though you had a great time! I love the potters wheel! One of my best friends is a potter...I am always amazed at what she is able to create!

    The many faces of "Rock Guy"...Ha! He was indeed very cool! ;)