Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Work and a Cutie Pants

My mom is visiting. She taught me how to make granny squares. It's fun, and now I have trouble deciding - should I spin or make granny squares? Oh the dilemmas in life!
We're using our own yarn. I spun the pink, and my mom spun the blue.

Miah has been working on her crocheting with Gramma. She made this cute little basket by her own design.

And turned it in to a hat for her doll.

The kids finished their puzzle.

Miah, learning to read a recipe.

I had an order for 35 small treasure map playsilks and one large one.

The little ones all done and ready to be shipped.

I figured out that using saw horses and two boards as a frame saves me from having to make a new frame every time I paint a new size silk.

Adding the details.


And here's the Cutie Pants - my cousin's daughter. Her seat of choice was Larkin's lap.


  1. Those silks are so cool! I'm definitely going to have to get some for the boys soon.

  2. I LOVE making granny squares! Now that you've started you'll never stop! Only thing I'm still stuck on...what to make with all those squares! Ha!

    Loved the treasure map fun!

  3. iLOVE your playsilks! i do believe i want one....x

  4. I love your granny squares and your silk treasure maps!

  5. Sarah, If you go to etsy and type in granny squares in the search, you'll find lots of ideas. Here are a couple blogs where you can get ideas too:

  6. Sarah, those playsilks are wonderful! Silk painting is one of those crafts that I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how it is done! They are so pretty!

  7. Congrats for ur grannies! They really look good :)
    Thank you for your visit!