Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun with Gramma

My mom has been visiting since Tuesday. It's a rare treat that she gets to stay so long, and we have really been enjoying it. Wednesday we went to Abrams creek to play in the water.

We found one leech as soon as we got there, but thankfully, it was the only one.

Temps were in the 90's, so the cool mountain water felt especially good.

Land art.

Gramma taught the kids how to float.

Thursday we stayed home and spun, crocheted, played games, and read stories together. And had a cheese tasting. :) My mom let me borrow her culture magazines, so I've probably been spending a little too much time with cheese on the brain. Which led to the cheese tasting.

Guess which ones were my favorites - the ones that are missing! (That would be double creme baby brie and butterkase.) Oh! Creamy brie with juicy ripe peaches! My mouth was in heaven!

And Jeremiah surprised us with a pool.

Where the kids practiced their new floating skills.

We finished the day up with a cookout - hotdogs, marshmallows, and shish-kabobs. And more swimming. What beautiful days!


  1. What a nice visit! Looks like so much fun!

    ...still having trouble posting comments with my google account...Arghh! ~Affectioknit

  2. I love your blog. Your days have such a peacefulness about them.