Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Visit From Grandpa

First, Easter baskets.

Then, Legends of King Arthur.

Hiking to the Walker Sisters Cabin. There were so many beautiful wildflowers out: irises, trillium, dogwood, lots I didn't know. Larkin got to add Pileated Woodpecker to his List, and we all got to add Red-eyed Vireo.

A lesson on building on the Rock.

Then up to Newfound Gap, which was in the clouds. "Mama!" Rohan said, wide-eyed. "How did we get up in the sky?" Oh, the wonder of it all!

Back down the mountain for ice cream, where Larkin caught a skink.

Then, home for pizza.
How we enjoyed our visit from Grandpa!


  1. Delightful! Grandpas hold such a treasured place in a child's heart.
    BTW, I love your header!