Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Science Fair

Our little co-op had a science fair for the kids this week. Miah and Larkin worked on their projects together.
Sprucing up the old presentation board.

The first project involved testing different seeds to see which birds prefer. We put out one feeder with black sunflower seeds and one with white safflower seeds. Then Miah and Larkin watched and recorded the birds that came to each feeder.
Here's the finished board with drawings of the birds that ate only the sunflower, only safflower, and those that ate both.

Miah presented this project to her friends at the science fair.

The kids' other project was making different kinds of bird nests. We read an article about nests people made to encourage birds to nest in a certain area.

Zahana wanted to help too. I love the concentration on her face in these pictures.

Adherent nest.

Larkin presented the nests at the fair.
Here are the projects our friends did: melting ice, 3 on growing plants, chromatography, and solar energy.

And one friend was hand-raising a baby bird.

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  1. I absolutely loved all their could tell they worked really hard and knew what they were presenting. Great job, guys!

  2. wow, your children are always so buisy making fun things!

  3. Wow!! So many wonderful things going on here!
    I bet they're so happy (and nervous!) about raising a baby bird! What a remarkable chance to explore nature.

    I love those first two pictures... the paints and those big, fat lines of color in the second picture. :) (and her smile!)

    The seeds and nest ideas are great... what a rich project to study and display. And perfect for Spring, since there are a variety of birds!

  4. I love everything about this. Those nests are wonderful!

  5. This is MAGIC. Look at everything you've done! It was like a beautiful walk through all your learning and a whole lot of happiness. Lovely.

    I love all the different nests. My daughter would love them. And that baby bird! Wow. Thank you for all these words and images. They've been inspiring :)

  6. I love all their projects! Quite impressive!

  7. I love the nest idea, we printed off a nest building challenge from the woodland trust (UK) website for next week, I will be showing the kids your work for added inspiration!