Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just For Fun

We've been having a little fairy fun this week.
Rainbow weaving.


Dressing sprites and creating riddles. And coloring.

A fairy hunt. Fairy dust.


Finding fairies everywhere!

Making a Fairy hair elastic.

(And a snake.)

Wet on wet.

Fairy houses -the shell version, the forest version, and the garden version.

Preparing for a fairy feast.

Decorations made from the watercolor paintings.

Lemonade, hard-boiled eggs dyed with purple cabbage, strawberries, meringues, chocolate dip (cocoa, honey, and fromage blanc.)

Wisteria wreaths.

Honeysuckle blossoms.

Poetry readings.


  1. How cool! I loved the rainbow weaving...What a great idea!

  2. what a wonderful fairy week! i love it! who doesn't have fun seaching for the fairy folk?! and the fairy treats look scrumptuous!!!
    happy sunday

  3. My youngest daughter (age 5) built a tiny fairy house in the woods behind our house. She stacked sticks tee-pee style and decorated it with pine cones, etc. She leaves gifts for the fairies - like tiny strawberries, etc. and then the fairies (my older daughters) return glitter covered notes.

  4. Everything looks like such fun! I love the look on Zahana's face where she's dress as a fairy with her new hair elastic. Pure happiness!

  5. What a fun, beautiful time! My favorite are the butterfly decorations! I love it!

  6. I get to have an extended vacation with my grandchildren this summer.
    I planned to do a fairy theme. This has provided with with lots of great ideas. Such fun. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A truly magical, iridescent, sparkly kind of day! Every bit of it looks like it's just bursting with Happy. Your kids sure have beautiful days together, and there are so many wonderful ideas here.

    I love all your pics (the fairy footsteps are just awesome!), but I love the last photo especially—your boy with his wreath on, reading fairy poetry, looking completely in his element. Bliss. Thank you! :)

  8. As always, Sarah, this is such a lovely post - fantastical and sparkly.

    I can't decide on my favorite - but maybe the one with your (ecstatic) daughter in her wings. :)

  9. Rainbow weaving was great! Wonder if my Kindergarten kiddies could handle that?