Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coloring Eggs

Painted egg cartons to be made into an egg carton flower wreath. And peg dolls painted by the kids.

Silk dyeing Easter eggs. Well, ours didn't turn out. I think the brightly colored scarf was probably not silk and the silk one wasn't brightly colored enough. But the ones over at The Magic Onions look so fabulous that I think we'll try this again. We enjoyed the process.
Wrapping the eggs.

This is about as pretty as ours got.

Miah very diligently sat over the pot holding the eggs down.

Next project worked great. Peeling crayons for melting on hot eggs.

Making marbled eggs. We used real emptied eggs instead of wooden ones. Rohan loved this one.

I taped paper into the bottom of the box so we could switch colors easily for the marbled eggs. Miah noticed how pretty the papers were turning out, so we used them to make prints. Later, we'll turn the marbled paper into cards.

Well, the kiddos wanted to keep painting, so they painted the rocks we used to hold the silk eggs down in the pot.

Here are Miah's rocks: a wolf, a sleepy guy with a big nose, a baby pig, and a mama pig.


  1. Very cool Sarah! I loved the marbled eggs!

  2. Cool egg ideas...I think we're going to try the hot wax one. We bought our palm branches at the florists across the street from the library. They were $5 a bunch. The kids have had fun braiding and weaving them after we were done.

  3. I L-O-V-E your marbled eggs- this is going on our "to do" list this week!

  4. Looks like fun! We have blown eggs that I've been saving for a while, I am hoping to get a chance to dye them with the kids in the next day or two. Too bad your silk eggs didn't turn out. I've read that you can also use men's silk ties as well as scarves, we've never tried it though. I see lots of colorful silk ties while thrifting for under a dollar. I was thinking of starting a collection to use next spring for our eggs.

  5. Looks very cool, very fun. . .and very messy! :) Can I send my kids to your house for an afternoon??? :)

  6. The mess really wasn't that bad. We did everything at the table which was completely covered with newsroll. So I just had to throw that out - not bad at all.

  7. What fantastic ideas! It looks like you all had so much fun! xoxo

  8. Love all the ideas!! The marbled eggs look great:) what paints did u use?
    Coming oveer from saturday artist


  9. Beautiful! So many wonderful things!
    I love the marbled egg idea - hopefully I'll remember, and we can try that one next Spring. :)

  10. What fun! And those eggs are gorgeous! I especially loved the marbled ones :)

  11. these pictures are so lovely. i love the one of your little fella opening the box. he is clearly delighted!

  12. Everything looks like so much fun!