Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bird Eggs and More

A robin's nest in our yard.
And two more nests in the wisteria on our deck.

Hoping to attract orioles.

An experiment to find out whether birds cared about the color of their feeders. (They didn't.)

Learning about bird feet with this bird feet printoff. And some real birds.

The kids found a dead baby bird in the yard, and Larkin went to work dissecting it.

Sizing up eggs and an egg chart.

Candling an egg.

We wanted to find out whether eggshells would absorb water. Miah suggested we empty out an egg and fill it with water to see if it would leak. We also weighed an egg, then left it over night in water.

Results: The egg filled with water didn't leak. The egg that sat in water overnight weighed the same the next day. Conclusion: Eggshells do not absorb water.

Testing the strength of eggshells. These egshell halves held 9 pounds.

And we found it impossible to break a chicken egg by squeezing it.

Drawing the parts of an egg.

Playing with the parts of an egg.



We watched a few videos on youtube about birds' courtship dances. This one was especially good. For more, just type in "bird courtship" in the search box. Also, the kids have been enjoying The Life of Birds and March of the Penguins.

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  1. Oh wonderful! I love all the hands on activities, it looks so fun! When we studied birds, we also read the Burgess Bird Book, just in case you aren't familiar with it.