Friday, March 4, 2011

Signs of Spring


  1. very nice!!! pleasing to the eye!

  2. Beautiful! Your garden looks like it's doing awesome!

  3. Wonderful photographs Sarah! Our flowers and shrubs were also starting to shoot...until our neighbouring farmers sheep decided to come and eat them!

    God Bless

  4. Oh man, I needed this today! I am watching snowmobiles fly across the lake at my inlaws right now...we've still got well over a foot of snow on the ground here in Minnesota, so these pictures absolutely made my morning. Your pictures are always so stunning.

    I think I may just have to go and purchase one of those bulb gardens...I need more hyacinth in my life.

  5. Yeah for new Chicks! What breed(s) did you get this year? I love that Miah finger knits! I want to learn so I can teach the boys... I am sure Matthew and Ethan will love to learn how.

  6. Jeremiah picked them up at Tractor Supply. The sign had several breeds listed that they could be. I'm thinking they are probably white leghorns, but I'm hoping at least a couple are the amberlinks. We learned fingerknitting from an online tutorial. It's pretty easy.

  7. Dear Sarah,

    Ah, spring! I'm so happy for your that your crocuses are blooming already, what a great treasure!

    Our spring is a little late this year in Missouri (so they tell us), but it's still nicer than Idaho right now!

    Thanks for sharing your sunshine,