Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Crafts

We've been enjoying several of the Valentine's Day crafts found on The Crafty Crow, which is my favorite spot for artsy craftsy ideas for the kiddos.
Coffee Filter Hearts
(I had started Zahana's hair the evening before. She's been begging to have her hair "really down" since her friend came to church with yarn braids in December.It took me an hour and a half to get the old braids out, half an hour to get everything setup and figure out how to put in the first yarn braid, then I worked on it for another hour before bed. This is as far as I got.)

Pom Pom Garlands. ♥

Using up the extra pom poms.

Salt Dough Hearts

We made some more salt dough and added red food coloring and lavender buds - just for play.

Grandma helped the kids make Little Heart Hand Warmers. They used cinnamon and cocoa to make them smell good. (You can see that I did finish those yarn braids. Took me another 3 1/2 hours. Zahana LOVES them. I'll love them if they last as long as they're supposed to.)

We got out the air-dry clay to make a clay heart bowl. It was pretty sticky, so the girls played around with it a while first.

Here's the bowl Miah made. It's still drying . We'll probably paint it tomorrow.

I've been trying some of the GAPS-friendly recipes at The Well Fed Homestead. One was squash pizza, and I added some heart pepperonis for fun. We had some mixed reviews on this recipe. Zahana loved it and kept asking for more. Rohan, however, declared, "Squash with pizza is NOT funny!" He he!

Last night, we made yarn hearts.

The "heart" to the left is Zahana's. She made it all by herself. :)

I still have a few projects on my list for today and tomorrow. And I'd love to make these shirts, but I couldn't find any of those paper heart doilies. Guess I'll have to leave that one for another year.


  1. I love her hair like that! I always see all those crafts, yet they never seem to happen around here. I wanted to do the wrapped wire ones.

  2. You just need to have The Crafty Crow give you an endorsement deal for all of the beautiful projects you and the kiddos completed from their site! :0)

  3. What a fun and crafty mama! (But I have to admit I'm more taken with Z's braids--gorgeous! I'm almost--but not quite--tempted to try it! lol)

  4. OK, so I'm coming back to this post. . .I think I'm going to try the yarn braids, but how did you find yarn to match her hair so well? Kiana's hair is lighter than black, yet much darker than brown. (And don't tell me you did your own! lol) Or did it not match perfectly but one just can't tell once it's done?

  5. Zahana's hair is black, so I used black and her friend's hair is also black, . . . so . . not much help am I? You may try asking over at They may have a suggestion.

  6. Thanks Sarah--I think I'm still going to try it! :) Kinda excited. I did a couple real quick just to see how it would look and I think it will just make it look like her hair is a little darker than it is, yet her natural hair might offer a bit of a "highlight" effect. We'll see how it goes! BTW, have you heard of/tried the "tangle teaser"? I just picked one up the weekend and am AMAZED! I"m going to have to write an entire post on it this week! LOL Thanks so much for your answer.

  7. i haven't heard of it, but I'll be looking forward to your post and seeing Kiana's hair.