Friday, January 21, 2011


Larkin's Christmas present was a couple of long-tailed lizards. He wanted a snake, actually, but I talked him out of it. It's not that I have a problem with snakes; it's the weekly feeding of helpless baby mice that I have an aversion to. These little guys eat meal worms. I do not have an aversion to things eating meal worms.
So Larkin wanted to learn more about reptiles. I'm afraid the science topics he chooses are difficult for me to really make much of a lesson out of. So far, he's chosen weapons, amphibians, and now reptiles. The weapon thing was just not something I have anywhere in my head, so it was hard for me to do which made for a short lesson. Amphibians - I've got that in my head, but there just didn't seem to be a whole lot to say about them. Now reptiles - same as amphibians. Maybe if it was spring or summer, and we could do more outdoors, hands-on, go-find-some-in-the-woods type thing. But it's winter, so I feel like Larkin's getting a bit cheated on his topics.
However, I've noticed something. His topics keep coming up. Here, there, and everywhere. It seems his own interest is bringing in the opportunities and discussions from various sources despite the lack on my part. I guess it's my job just not to hold him back.
So here's what I did do with him. The usual cartload of books from the library and some printoffs from Homeschool Share and Enchanted Learning to make a lapbook. Unfortunately, Homeschool Share is no longer allowing direct links to their pdf pages which means a lot of my links no longer work and it also makes planning ahead difficult. But you can still go to their site and type in "reptiles" and find everything; it just takes more time.
I also found this fun experiment which showed the kids what a reptile egg feels like.

If anybody has any more ideas for studying amphibians and reptiles in winter, Larkin would be thrilled for you to share them with me.


  1. You all are always up to wonderful! Love your post!

  2. What an amazing photo of the lizard being held up. Kerri

  3. What a fun young man he seems to be! I loved the unit we did on amphibians and reptiles--but my early elementary stuff is packed away and I am too lazy to get it out! chuckle I love the reptile egg idea, though, if that helps any! And you could always work some dinosaurs into your study. . . :D

  4. We have a beautiful Northern Rough Green snake you can borrow to study for a week or two! They eat crickets, spiders, moths and things like that! So no helpless baby mice... And we have a really cool Axolotl. A glow-in-the-dark one! (The DNA of a jellyfish was implanted in a few of his long ago ancestors and now this strain glows under black light!) You can bring Larkin over to check him out anytime. His interests are right up my alley ;)

  5. Best way to learn ~ nothing says it like hands on! My girls would love a pet like that... perhaps some day.

  6. Hi, my first visit here. Shew Wee! I can't belive what a blessed little blog you have. I am now following and looking forward to learning more!

    Lovely photos and I love your header!