Friday, January 7, 2011

Newly Arranged

So today was the day. A day to begin again. To enjoy a newly arranged room. And a newly arranged day. To refresh a bit. To dive into the American Revolution.

The room. We call it the Forest Room. That was before I had a blog.

Before we called it "The Forest Room", we just called it "The Bonus Room." Then Jeremiah finished it up and painted it - blue sky with clouds, green on the slant with leaf impressions, tree-trunk-brown on the walls with a bark texture. We had to call it something besides "Bonus Room," don't you think?

Now we've fixed it up a bit more - new shelves for the games that were threatening to take over, more play space and work space for the little ones, their toys, books, puzzles, and an art table.

I had it locked for a couple days, waiting for The Day - that would be Today.
We had breakfast, sang some memory verse songs, did some chores, played together a bit.
Then we went up.

Zahana and Rohan played and explored while Miah and Larkin got down to the serious business of playing Fjords . . .

. . . and multiplication war. And other games. And reading. And looking back through the history notebooks they made. And George vs. George.

And we tried a couple videos on the American Revolution that just didn't work out - either too dull or too gory. But we started Little Pilgrim's Progress, because yesterday we finished The Return of the King. We've been having a wonderfully cozy read-aloud time nearly every day for a few months now - all six of us. And that works out very nicely. Then we also started There's a Sheep in my Bathtub at bedtime, and I'm looking forward to the rest of that story.
And little Rohan helped me make a new recipe - Maple Milk - mmmmm!

And despite the fact that this January is, so far, just as gray as last January, this one's looking a lot sunnier on the inside. And not just because of nice neat rooms . . .


  1. Great room and it looks like it's being put to good use! Must admit to a little bit of jealousy here. ;)

  2. What a great room! My kids loved the Liberty Kids animated series on the Revolution.

    I would like to ask you if you would like to read and review my novel. I could send it to you the pdf file or the Kindle version.

  3. Where oh where did you get the felted tree stump?
    I would LOVE to make one for my girls!
    If you made please would you let me know how?

  4. The room looks great! Miss seeing you my friend!

  5. I made the tree stump. I would like to start selling them in my etsy shop soon. Next time I make one, I'll post pics for a tutorial.

  6. Ooh how lovely Sarah! We too have been doing a little re-organizing in our school/play room! It is lovely when everyone can enjoy being in there more!

    Loving the photographs! Rohan looks so big now, he is growing into a little man so fast! Your felted playscape is just lovely and must have taken a long time to make the tree stump. I made my daughter one for Christmas I will try and post some photographs shortly.

  7. What a fun room! We are doing TONS of reorganizing in our house to fit the newest member who is quickly going to be on his way in the next few weeks. I love what you have done and the cleaness of your space. It is so much easier to get stuff done when you have a clean slate to start with.



  8. Hi, Sarah,

    I love the pictures of the children exploring their wonderful new play and learning space, especially Rohan, who is so intently looking and looking. love, Beth