Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silk Painting

Yesterday, we tried our hand at silk painting. We used silk hoops and Dye-Na-Flow and went for the simpler watercolor technique.

Zahana and Rohan kept busy with pompoms, feathers, and glitter paint.

It was a fun new medium for us. I found these beautiful silks Beneath the Rowan Tree, and now I feel inspired to try more.


  1. They are beautilful!
    Here's a question for you Sarah - what will you do with them? Are you planning on displaying them somewhere in your home? I wonder this all the time as we make art, and as I read about creative families like yours. :) What DO we do with all the things we make???!

  2. We made these specifically to give as Christmas gifts - it's the only way I could justify (to myself) spending the money. With art projects, it either goes in their binder or the kids want to keep it in their room for a while or. . . it just kind of . . . disappears. I take pictures of everything, so that's good enough for me.

  3. Wow these look great Sarah! What wonderful materials to work with! I too keep most of our art'sy things in a folder for each of the children or else we may give them as gifts!

  4. These are just amazing! Creating them looks like the most beautiful meditation for children too. I can't get over the richness of those glorious colours...

  5. I love this, it's so beautiful! Great idea for a gift!