Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Ships of Columbus

This week, the Nina and the Pinta were in Knoxville. The smaller ship, Nina, is an accurate reproduction. The Pinta was built a little bigger to conform with Coast Guard standards. We were all surprised how small the ships were. Our guide said that when the ship is sailing on the ocean, it will sometimes lean so much that the crossarm on the mast will touch the water because it is so top heavy. Those sailors who came all the way to America in these ships really had to be brave!


  1. Weren't these great?! We went last year when they came to New York. We just couldn't believe how small they were and how little room there was for the sailors to live and sleep for the whole trip. Truly amazing.

  2. OMgosh! My kids would LOVE this! We just did that in history. What a great trip!