Friday, November 5, 2010

The Separatists Come to America

Otherwise known as . . . .Learning About the Pilgrims.

Our Thanksgiving meal. I tried to come up with things that were more likely to be at that famous Pilgrim/Wampanoag harvest feast - or at least things that could represent those foods.
corn cakes
turkey (Actually, it was chicken. Every stinking turkey at the store had sugar as one of the ingredients. Seriously, does it have to be in everything.)
seafood stew
venison with mushrooms and onions (OK. It was beef.)
and pie. (Did they have pie? Maybe. We had pumpkin and cranberry/pear. It was possible.)

We read lots of books. Especially good are the ones from Kate Waters and Plimoth Plantation.

Free Printables:
Goody O'Grumpity
Thanksgiving Notebook
First Thanksgiving Book
Notebooking Pages
Mayflower Quiz
17th Century Lapbook p 17-23

Online Interactive

Playing The Voyage of the Mayflower with Auntie Beks.

This game gives the kids a good idea of the perils of traveling across the Atlantic in the 1600's. I was really glad my sister was here to play the game with the kids, because it's from the same company that made the Jamestown game, which honestly, I can't stand to play. It's kind of complicated and tedious and not very fun. Larkin likes the game though, so I think the only real problem for me is that I have to read all the cards the kids get (of which there were several per turn) and I have to keep telling them whos turn it is and what to do next. Maybe if the kids were older, I would find the game a little more enjoyable. The game does say ages 10 and up. As for the Mayflower game, like I said, I didn't play it. But it didn't take very long to play and seemed a lot less complicated and more doable for the kids. Nobody has asked to play again though. I'm not saying the games are no good, but I am glad I got them on sale.


  1. Hey Sarah! I love your post, an pictures, sounds like a good time! I wanted to let you know you won my Waldorf Card giveaway! I haven't heard from you yet, so if you are still interested in receiving these please contact me!

  2. Hi following from Hip Homeschool,your blog is so cute.I am printing the Thanksgiving printables that you suggested,THANKS.I joined your list of followers.I am going now so I can read on further.

  3. How wonderful Sarah...your Thanksgiving feast looks so delicious! Especially your pumpkin pie! Its not a dish that we eat in Ireland...but it looks so good!

    God Bless

  4. Hey! We have plenty of venison if you want some of the real stuff next time! LOL Hope to see you guys soon.

  5. We're waaaaay behind this year since we had Jakub (an extra visitor), but 'tis time to get the stuff out!