Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Visit from my Sister

Presents from Grandparents.

My sister visited and brought her dog. He's the same age as Runa. The puppies had lots of fun together.

We went to Cherokee National Forest. This is Bald River Falls.

Cheese tasting in the woods. Couldn't get enough of the Irish cheddar.

The gatherings from a scavenger hunt. "Go find something red." "Go find a seedless vascular plant."


  1. looks like a fun visit and a great trip to the national forest.

  2. What a lovely day out you all had! Hooray for Aunties!

  3. This is our favorite place on earth. My husband says when he passes, he wants his ashes strewn onto Bald River Falls. Praise the Lord for these beautiful mountains of ours