Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snapshots of Life

Miah doing what she usually does - drawing.


Learning at the UT Insect Fair.


Juicing. (Woo hoo for free stuff through credit card points!)

Taking stuff apart.

We visited some farm friends recently. While I visited, the kids played out in the woods and in the mudpie kitchen. They gathered buckets of acorns and fed the pigs. They helped bottle feed a calf. They had a fabulous time. Larkin was so busy playing , I barely saw him. He didn't even come in for lunch. I think he found some hickory nuts to satisfy his hunger. His friend had a bunch of old electronics his dad had given him to take apart. Larkin came home with a bag full of "treasures"that he spent hours investigating. I told him we'd go to the thrift store and find something for him to take apart. Miah got interested too, and they both decided they wanted to take their own money. Miah came home with a clock, and Larkin bought a radio.
A funny little story from the day playing on the farm:
The kids were out in the cow pasture and the two great pyrenees came over to say hello. Rohan started screaming, so I ran out to get him. He was only scared, was fine in a minute, and ran off to play with the kids again. That night, when Rohan was praying, he said, "Thank you those big white dogs lick me and are nice dogs." I can just imagine that he meant, "Thank you that those dogs didn't kill me today."


  1. Great Stuff! I'm so disappointed we missed the insect fair. Luke was sick :( The hike you took looks beautiful! Where was that? I love the idea of giving them old stuff to take apart! Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sorry you couldn't make it to the fair. I would have liked to see you all. The hike is at Fort Loudoun.

  3. I know...we need to get together soon! We love going to Fort Loudoun...didn't know there was a hike there. We'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  4. Love the photos! Also love the comment about credit card points. Cannot tell you how many little treats we get with them. Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  5. I enjoy seeing what your family is up to... so much like my own with the drawing, painting and hiking.

  6. Nice! I should see if my hubby has some stuff for the kids to take apart too...they received their own tool sets for Christmas a couple years ago. We could put them to use! :)

  7. such lovely photos and it sounds like a wonderful day!

  8. The photos of Larkin taking apart "treasures" reminds me of Ethan. That child loves to disassemble everything, even stuff that still is in use sometimes!

  9. Lovely post Sarah! I really should take a lead from you in regards to your snapshots of life...I'm so terrible at remembering to capture those precious moments on camera!

    I have a little one who loves to see how things work too! Great story of Rohan and the big dogs! Toddler prayers are so the funniest!

    God Bless