Monday, October 25, 2010

Flowers and Pollination

Investigating pollen.

Preserving a flower in borax. (Cover a fresh flower with borax, wait two weeks, then see what happened.)

Looking at some free Montessori materials. (Link below.)

Playdough flower models.

Another trip to UT Gardens to examine bee landing pads, flower colors, patterns, and shapes.

We saw lots of insects out pollinating.

We tried to guess which insects would prefer which plants. Sometimes we were right.

Sometimes we thought maybe the insects hadn't been reading our books!

There were even some insects we hadn't talked about as pollinators.

Being autumn, it was easy for our discussion to merge into the product of pollinated flowers and methods of seed distribution. (Is there a more beautiful bean on the planet?!)

Book List
Chapters 3 and 4 of Apologia Botany
What is a Flower?
The Reason for a Flower (By the way, I love Ruth Heller's books. We're using her World of Language series for a casual introduction to English grammar.)
The Story Book of Science - chapters 57-62 (This links to a free online version. And just as a warning: in chapter 57, a boy dies from eating poisonous berries. I didn't read it before I read it to the kids, and I might have skipped this chapter had I known. They did get a good lesson though.)
I have heard that the Shanleya's Quest card game is a great resource for learning about the different types of flowers but that the book is full of evolution and spiritism. I ended up getting the Wild and Free card game instead just because it's cheaper.
Online plant games
Montessori plant printables
Printable plant games - both links on this page


  1. wow, some fantastic photos you have here! I love the bee going in the 'wrong' part of the flower! THose resources look good too, thanks for putting them up :)

  2. I love your school. Can we come over and school with you? :)

  3. yes, me too! We want to school with you as well. I really like how you laid out your lesson. So much to learn from doing and being and reading. Inspiring :) and yep, your photos are beautiful!

  4. Please do! Just don't mind the mess! :)

  5. Looks like we're moving along at a similar pace--we just finished these studies as well! :)

  6. Cool post Sarah! Thanks you for sharing your ideas, inspiration and is a blessing to me for sure! What a lovely day you all had!