Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful Things

Watching my children, satisfied in their work.

Puzzle making.



Making a bird blind. He has remade and redesigned this thing many times over the last couple of days. I'm not sure he's actually sat in it and watched for birds. It's the making that makes him happy. He's also been making various boats to float in the bathtub. And more paper airplanes.

My children, satisfied in their play.

Flowers, lingering in the garden.

Making together.

Our nature shelf, full of memories.


  1. Those are some incredibly beautiful things alright.

  2. Wonderful! The nature shelf is beautiful Sarah...the love your family have for one another really emanates from your photographs!

    God Bless!

  3. Love this post! Learning the adventurous things your ds is doing...reminds me of my Noah! :) Your window stars are LOVELY...I'm saving that project for a winter-y day when we are in need of color! Did you make up the other patterns yourself?

    Thanks for the inspiring post!

  4. Here's a link to the window star book I have.