Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Turns 3

I love the look of delight on his face in this picture. He was really excited about his birthday. He had requested a green ice-cream cake. It took me about two minutes to make, which made me feel a little guilty, but it's what he wanted.
We started Rohan's special day with blueberry pancakes. Then we made some crafts together -a flag banner and sparkly dragonflies. Then it was cake and present time. We ended the day with a marshmallow roast, because it's Rohan's favorite thing to do.

Rohan, I love you my sweet, sweet boy, so much that sometimes it makes my heart ache.
Rohan Elias. Ascending. The Lord is my God. May it ever be true of you.
You are a blessing, a gift. I love you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Rohan! He looks so happy!

  2. Happy birthday, Rohan! Looks like it was a really wonderful one :)

  3. I can just tell that he is a sweet little boy, that first pic is so beautiful, he has gentle eyes. Happy birthing day to you to mumma.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the cake!

  5. Happy Birthday...what a wonderful birthday! Full of family and all the things he loves the most! Rohan, may God bless you and may you always trust in Him!

  6. Happy Birthday Rohan! Big boy 3! What a wonderful birthday he had...Sarah your dedication to your son at the end of the post made me tear up!

    I loved the gifts you made for Rohans birthday, simply beautiful!...We have our little guys 3rd birthday coming up at Halloween also!