Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Going On Around Here?!

The kids are reading like crazy! (This is not normal. . . but I LIKE it!) They even wanted to go to bed early so they could read a while - and I mean, they were actually reading! (Can you tell I'm happy about this?)

The boys are dressing themselves.

The crayons are now talking people - mamas, papas, kids - for a long time.

The big ones are teaching the little ones.

Miah's falling apart. (She lost another one while brushing her teeth.)

And we are definitely not having soup for supper.

(Eye-roll at self.)


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your lid! But how AWESOME about your readers!! Such a fun post. :)

  2. Isn't exciting when they're reading??!! There is something simply thrilling about it. :D xx

  3. Yes, very busy little people indeed. My children have been enjoying the Thornton W. Burgess books, eg. the adventures of Sammy Jay, The adventures of Chatterer the Squirrel. and since we've seen so many during our trip it's been fantastic. Today my youngest son was playing as chatterer and had a little hole under the bed, whilst my eldest brought him many nuts, seeds and dried fruits (they raided the drawer in the kitchen)
    A sweet little toothless I see. Sasha is about to loose another!

  4. I LOVE those books. They were definitely my favorites when I was little.

  5. (= So glad to see so much reading! Will my house ever get that way?? What happened to your lid?

  6. Annette, Miah's in 3rd grade in just now being interested in picking up a book on her own - a little bit. Who knows when it will happen at your house.
    My lid - well, I was going to warm up some soup in the oven and forgot to take the lid off first.