Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out and About

I think we've been making up for our summer of nothingness. The weather has been so nice lately, and we've been out and about.

Zahana has suddenly decided that smiling for pictures is a nice thing to do.

Look Rock with friends.

Knoxville Botanical Garden with other friends.

Larkin's first Cub Scout meeting.

The boys made their own boats to race down the creek.

The creek was a little slow, so the boats got a little help from the cubmaster. :)


Larkin had a good time and got plenty wet. He's been looking forward to being in scouts for two years. I think he's going to really enjoy it.


  1. love all of your pictures! where did you go in the mountains?

    i have a question for you. have you ever dyed wool roving with natural dyes made from berries? it's something i'm wanting to do w/a co-op class that i teach. i think i've seen wool rovings at hobby lobby, but i can't remember. i would have emailed you, but i can't find your email. thanks, abby.

  2. You can find already dyed wool roving at Hobby Lobby. I don't know about plain though. I used turmeric once to dye wool. It works well. I would think poke berries would also be a good option right now. I have a couple books on natural wool dyeing. I'd be happy to let you borrow them. My email is slj4981 at g mail dot com.

  3. That looks like so much fun! and Zahara's smile is adorable!

  4. As always, beautiful, wonderful photos:) How lovely to have a boat race down the creek...