Sunday, September 5, 2010

Explorers and The Lost Colony

In history, we've moved through Columbus, the explorers that came after him, and the Lost Colony of Roanoke. I just wanted to share a few links with you.

The Columbian Exchange - for the notebook
We used these questions with this map.
Explorers notebooking pages from Just Us. (Check out all her free stuff!)
The New World - a 29 minute online video
Christopher Columbus - a 5 minute cartoon
Christopher Columbus - Netflix movie

Last year, we read The Light and the Glory at Thanksgiving time. For this study, we read the relevant chapters of the children's version as well as some books from the library.

Next month we are going to tour The Nina and The Pinta. Seriously, I am so excited. I don't know who gets more excited about these kinds of things - me or the kids. I'll be sure to post some pics after we go.

Other Explorers
Explorers notebooking pages
I printed off some pictures of the explorers. Under each picture, the kids had to answer these four questions:
When did he go?
Where is he from?
Why did he go?
What is he noted for?
We used this map to mark the paths of the different explorers.
You can use the maps here as a reference.

Sir Walter Raleigh and Roanoke
A map to print.
Lost Colony of Roanoke - 4 minute online video
Now this would be fabulous to see. Unfortunately, we don't live close enough.

In addition to all our library books, narrations, and drawings, I made a simple trivia game for the kids to help them get some of the facts down. We pull out any old game board and take turns answering questions. Each correct answer moves you one step closer to home. I'll show you my list of questions but I've since removed some and modified others. I took out all the ones asking for dates except for the ones pertaining to Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus. Also, instead of the individual questions about the explorers after Columbus, I'll just say something like, "Name a country that sent out explorers to the new world." or "What was one of the reasons explorers came to the new world." It's much less tedious that way and gets the main points across. But here's the original list:

Who was the first European (that we know of) who reached the continent of North America?
Leif Ericson

Who was the father of Leif Ericson?
Eric the Red

What was Eric the Red’s son’s nickname?
Leif the Lucky

What did Leif Ericson name the part of North America he liked the best?

Why didn’t Greenlanders colonize North America?
The Native Americans ran them off.

Where was Leif Ericson born?

In what year did Leif Ericson sail to North America?
1000 A.D.

Who was the second European (that we know of) to sail to North America?
Christopher Columbus

In what year did Christopher Columbus sail to North America?

Why did Christopher Columbus sail to North America?
He was trying to find an easier trade route to Asia. He also wanted to spread the gospel.

What did Christopher Columbus name the island on which he first landed?
San Salvador

Who supported Christopher Columbus’s voyages?
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

Where was Christopher Columbus from?
Genoa, Italy

What were the names of the three ships Christopher Columbus took on his first voyage?
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

What did the Europeans first call North and South America?
The New World

How many trips did Christopher Columbus take to the New World?

Name 3 Columbian Exchange items that went from Europe to the Americas.
Bananas, barley, cabbage, carnations, chickens, coffee, cows, crabgrass, daffodils, daisies, dandelions, horses, lemons, lettuce, lilacs, olives, oranges, peaches, pears, pigs, rice, sheep, sugarcane, tulips, turnips, wheat

Name 3 Columbian Exchange items that went from the Americas to Europe.
Avocados, beans (kidney, navy, lima), bell peppers, black-eyed susans, cocoa, chili peppers, corn, cotton, marigolds, papayas, peanuts, petunias

How did Christopher Columbus return from Spain on his 3rd voyage and why?
He returned in chains, because he was governing his colony unwisely and treating the native people badly.

What was most significant about Christopher Columbus?
He brought the news of a new land back to Europe.

What was most significant about Leif Ericson?
He was the first European known to reach North America.

What was John Cabot’s goal in sailing west?
To find a shorter route to Asia

Which country supported John Cabot’s voyages?

What was most significant about John Cabot?
He found that America was a very big land and told Europe.

In what years did John Cabot sail?
1497, 1498

In which country was John Cabot born?

In what year did Juan Ponce de Leon first sail?

Which country sent Juan Ponce de Leon?

Why did Juan Ponce de Leon sail to America?
To conquer, get gold, and find the Fountain of Youth

What is most significant about Juan Ponce de Leon?
First European to discover Florida.

In what year did Vasco Nunez de Balboa sail to America?

What country sent Balboa to America?

Why did Balboa go to America?
To explore

What is most significant about Vasco Nunez de Balboa?
He brought news of the Pacific Ocean back to Europe.

When did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado sail to North America?

Which country sent Coronado?

Why did Coronado sail to the New World?

What is most significant about Coronado?
He explored southwest North America.

What were the men called who came from Spain to conquer the New World?

When did Hernando de Soto sail to the New World?

Which country sent de Soto to America?

Why did de Soto go to North America?
To conquer and find gold

What is most significant about Hernando de Soto?
He explored a lot of North America and discovered the Mississippi River.

When did Henry Hudson sail to North America?
1607 - 1611

Which country sent Henry Hudson to the New World?

Why did Hudson want to sail west from Europe?
To find a shorter way to Asia

What 3 bodies of water were named after Henry Hudson?
Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and the Hudson River

In 1584, what English aristocrat made plans for starting the first colony on the North American mainland?
Sir Walter Raleigh

Which ruler liked and supported Sir Walter Raleigh?
Queen Elizabeth I

What was the name given to the land where Sir Walter Raleigh’s men landed in the New World and who was it named for?
Virginia for Queen Elizabeth I of England

What was the name of the colony Sir Walter Raleigh tried to establish?

Who was the governor of Roanoke?
John White

What happened to the Roanoke colony?
All the settlers disappeared.

Who was the first European born in the New World?
Virginia Dare

Did the Roanoke colonists leave behind any clues?
Yes. Their things were stored in chests buried in the ground and CROATOAN was carved into a post.

Give one suggestion for what might have happened to the Roanoke colonists.
-All killed by Native Americans or Spanish.
-Tried to sail back to England and drowned at sea.
-Were absorbed by the Native Americans through marriage or slavery.


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