Thursday, October 29, 2009

Raw Brownies

This recipe is adapted from iRaw's Frosted Brownies.

In food processor (I finally got one! Works so much better than an old blender!), chop
1/2 c. wanuts
2 c. pecans
Add the following and process.
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. cocoa
pinch salt
1 1/2 c. pitted, chopped Medjool dates
(I used Deglet dates and added a couple tablespoons of honey. Add honey to suit your taste.)
Add tablespoons of water until it all sticks together nicely. Pat into 8X8 pan or pie plate. Refrigerate overnight. Yummo!

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." - Charles M. Schulz


  1. mmmm these look and sound yummy. I have been wanting to try some raw recipes for ages and this one just might give me the push I need. :)

  2. I don't have a food processor YET...but these look great! Always love to try HEALTHY baking recipes...thank you, Sarah!

  3. Those look good. :)

    I need a food processor. The one I have is a 1 cup. Doesn't do cool things like this. Slowly I am learning to use gadgets.


  4. These look SO good! Going to be trying them soon!!