Monday, August 24, 2009

Refreshing the Brain

Many homeschoolers are beginning a new school year or finishing their plans and arranging schedules. Here's a tip from Charlotte Mason: remember the benefit of short lessons and don't forget to add variety to your day.

". . . this much is certain, and is very important to the educator: the brain, or some portion of the brain, becomes exhausted when any given function has been exercised too long. The child has been doing sums for some time, and is getting unaccountably stupid: take away his slate and let him read history, and you find his wits fresh again. Imagination, which has had no part in the sums, is called into play by the history lesson, and the child brings a lively unexhausted power to his new work. School time-tables are usually drawn up with a view to give the brain of the child variety of work; but the secret of the weariness children often show in the homeschool room is, that no such judicious change of lessons is contrived." - Charlotte Mason (Home Education, p. 24)


  1. This is true for adults, too. :)

  2. Funny thing is that I'm trying to convince my ten-year-olds of this. They've entered a stage of intense work. I try to remind them to go ride a bike, take a swim. It will make the work zing along. Yet another lesson to learn...

    THANKS for sharing such a great quote!