Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Camp

On Saturdays, Miah has been working on her American Heritage Girl badges. First she chose "Creative Crafts", which was no surprise. She had to pick crafts from a given list. Her choices: origami, clay sculpture, bead-making, and mosaics.
She had a lot of fun with the origami. I found origami folding instructions online, helped her get started, and she really took off with it.

Larkin joined in too.

This past week Miah enjoyed a three-day "art camp" with her beloved artist aunt. I stayed away as much as possible, but I do have one picture of Miah working on her glass mosaic.

It's an underwater scene. I love the little octopus on the left.

They also made pottery on a wheel. The pots are waiting to be fired and glazed, so I haven't seen them yet. I'll show you a play-dough sculpture instead. ;) A fairy girl laying in a flower.

She used a little microwave glass kiln to make glass magnets and beads.

Miah thoroughly enjoyed the special art time with her aunt. And I am so thankful to have someone to help Miah grow in this talent.

The other badge Miah has been working on is the "Memory Maker" badge. She had to learn all about photo storage and scrapbooking tools and techniques. We covered most of the requirements with a trip to Hobby Lobby and the library.

Then she made a little scrapbook of her own.

Thank you to Emma at Rambling Through Wonderland recently sent this my way:
Here are the rules of this award:
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Pass the award to up to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So here are a few very lovely blogs that are definitely worth checking out.

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Hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow! She has some great talent there. I love art! I like her mosaic a whole lot. She did a beautiful job!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the award - I love all the crafty art projects! So fun!


  3. Oh...I like that underwater scene.
    Thank you, graciously, for the award.

  4. Thank you so much for the award, and you certainly qualify for me to send it back to you! I just posted about my kids' Art Camp on my homeschool blog, too. Something about summers and art camp...

    So nice to meet you and discover your wonderful blog!

  5. I wish American Heritage Girls was around here when my girls were younger. I love Miah's art - I'm not artistic, so I have a deep appreciation for artists and those that nurture the art and artists.

    Thank you for the award - I'm deeply honoured.


  6. Thank you so much for the award. I'm having so much fun checking out all the blogs you included. What a wealth of resources!

  7. So so precious! This makes my heart so happy!

  8. Oh, how fun!!!

    I just wanted to stop in to let you know that you definitely SHOULD plan that trip to the Creation Museum. It's completely worth it!


  9. Thanks so very much! I do enjoy the award. I think a lot of your blog too!

  10. I love your daughter's art projects, too. We are looking at an American Heritage Group this year, but we curretly have a conflict with the meeting time.

    Thank you, thank you, for the award! :-) I really appreciate it. And, I'll have to check out some of your other "new" blogs, though I already read most of them!