Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sybille at Buntglas tagged me with this award. Sybille is a homeschooler in Italy with some great ideas.
And here are ten more "Honest" blogs:
A Sustained Life - I love reading about the farm life. . . and dreaming.
Adventures of a Rainbow Mama - A great source for Montessori ideas with lovely pictures.
Burbs and the Bees - "Adventures of suburban homesteading and novice beekeeping"
First Fruits Farm NE - More homeschooling farm life.
Her Cup Overfloweth - Muffin Tin Monday and other fun kid stuff.
His Hands - His Feet - Life with ten beautiful adopted children.
Homeschooling in the Rose Garden - Fun homeschool with lots of ideas.
Living and Learning - Kindergarten homeschool.
Ordinary Life Magic - Life and learning, outside.
Periwinkles and Pine - Beautiful nature and more homeschool fun.

And ten things about me. Hmm. Let's go with my past life.
1. I went to aircraft mechanic school with Jeremiah. I didn't finish. I don't like metal.
2. I've worked as a cashier in a grocery store, home improvement with Jeremiah for his dad (my favorite part -besides Jeremiah-was ripping old shingles off roofs - seriously), as a pooper-scooper at a vet's office (parvo is bad!), at Arby's (yuck), McDonald's (for 3 days - not sure that counts) taking care of an elderly woman in her house, and at a doughnut shop ( all the free doughnuts I could eat!! good job!).
3. I've been to Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil.
4. My childhood managerie included horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs, sheep, hamsters, fish, an iguana, a squirrel, pheasants, etc. and I was always dreaming of more. See why I need a farm?
5. When I was 12 or so, I woke up one morning sure that there was a baby deer in trouble. I searched in the woods all morning. When I got home, our neighbor called and said her dogs just attacked a fawn and could I bring some of my lamb's milk replacer for it. I still have no idea what this means.
6. I used to want ten kids. I think four is a great number.
7. I really can't think of anything interesting about me, so let's not drag this out any longer. How about a nice Charlotte Mason quote?

"Cocoa is the best drink for children."

There you go. Charlotte Mason said it. It must be true.


  1. I wandered over her somehow. Love your pics. The cave trip looks great. Congrats on the award! My blog is not so honest because my daughter reads it....not so sure what to do about that because I like honesty. Your childhood menagerie sounds fantastic. We got to have one pet at a time. I love "Cocoa is the best drink for children." My children certainly agree.

  2. Awww, thank you. Big smile :)
    I'm looking forward to checking out some of your other faves too!

    p.s. I think Charlotte Mason was onto something...

  3. Thanks Sarah! What a fun award. And right back atcha... you have some wonderful ideas on here, and I love to wander around your blog looking for fun stuff to do.

    Have a wonderful day!