Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Miscellany

Muffin Tin Dinner theme is The Alphabet.
Top to bottom, left to right:
A - applesauce
B - banana
C - carrots
D - dried cherries
E - egg
F - frozen fruit
G - grapefruit
H - ham
I - tortilla, cut and baked, for dipping
J - jam
K - didn't plan ahead
L - did the best I could
M - mac-n-cheese
N - noodles
O - oatmeal
P - pepper
Q - with what I had
R - ranch
S - sunflower seeds
T - tortilla chips
U - unsulphured molasses
V -
W - (shredded) wheat
X -
Y - yogurt
Z -
If you'd like to join in the muffin tin fun, visit Her Cup Overfloweth.

Today's Bench Monday picture comes to us from Apache Pier: Larkin, shoes on the wrong feet, fishing hook stuck in the bench. The hook was already there. Larkin kept it for a treasure.

We picked the first summer squash out of our garden yesterday.


  1. wow! I am really impressed that you managed to get most of the alphabet in your muffin tin! way to go!

  2. Wow great job getting all those letters into you muffin tin!!!

  3. Oh, how imaginative you are! I love your alphabet muffin tin theme! Holly

  4. I agree! wow!! great job with your muffin tin! I can't believe you did every letter. I need alphabet cookie cutters (or mad carving skillz!)

  5. You did a great job getting in most of the letters!

  6. I'm impressed that you attempted the entire alphabet. Very creative to cut out letters for those you didn't have a specific food. And extra points for "U"...that was a tough one.

  7. That's awesome! Great job!

  8. Yes, very impressive and yummy too. :O

  9. I am very impressed with how many letters you came up with!