Monday, May 4, 2009

A Variety of Things

Yesterday I found the Flickr group, Bench Monday, and today I took my first picture for the group.

I tried to get Rose in the picture, but she wouldn't cooperate. She kept running into the house. Later, she ventured out on her own accord.

We had our muffin tin dinner at snacktime. There was no theme, so we had muffins. Novel idea, I know.

Sweet potato/cranberry, Blueberry, and Cheese - all gluten-free (because I was hungry too.) And Swedish White Hot Chocolate to drink.

Miah found these mushrooms. (Clickable.)

She also drew some parking spaces in the driveway and practiced backing in. Zahana was busy too. She went into the downstairs bathroom and spread great globs of her hair grease on herself. As soon as that was cleaned up, she went into the upstairs bathroom and got into Miah's play makeup. Oh, the joys of toddlerhood!

Happy Monday!


  1. Those muffins look yummy! We LOVE muffins, they make for such an easy and fast breakfast.

  2. muffins in your muffin tin, who would have thought!

    Your photos are enchanting!

  3. Muffins in a Muffin Tin? Shocking! I wonder what my kids would do to see actualy muffins in their muffin tins :)

  4. I was laughing because we had Swedish White Hot Chocolate yesterday ... then I realized that you linked to that ... very fun! I hope you loved it, we sure did!!! Love your tin and your pictures, those mushrooms are fabulous.

  5. I'm loving all the bench Monday shots and yours is great!

    Maybe we'll give it a try here :0)

  6. I totally thought about doing that! I didn't get to it though. Naptime was calling me. But I was going to make meatloaf muffins too. I love it! And that first picture of the feet with the flowers. Stunning!


  7. Yummy looking muffins! Muffins in a "muffin" tin, how perfect!

  8. i love your bench monday picture! she is a doll :)

  9. I just gave you the Lemonade Stand award:

    :) Val