Monday, May 11, 2009

A Stump and a Swan

Today's Bench Monday picture.

Today's muffin tin theme is children's literature. We read The Wild Swans, beautifully illustrated by Susan Jeffers.

We learned that swans eat mostly aquatic plant life. So for the tin we have a meringue swan, cheese crown, and lots of "swan food". This has been our favorite MTD so far. The kids really enjoyed pretending to be swans and eating the green stuff. We may use the literature theme more often on no-theme days.


  1. What a beautiful tin! I love the idea of the swans... And we loved that book too. :)


  2. Like everyone else, I am in awe of that swan! And of you discovering a way to get your kids excited to eat green stuff. :)

  3. What a great lunch ... aren't book themes the best? How did you make the swan? It's great.

  4. Jenny, I piped meringue out using a baggy. They didn't all turn out as well as the one in the picture. And most of them were gone by lunchtime due to one sweet little angel thief! I was glad she left me a decent one to photograph.

  5. Found you through comments on The Journey...this is the idea...even though my "littlest" is 8 (on up to 22)...I would like to try something along these lines...