Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Strawberry Picking!

We picked strawberries again yesterday. (Rutherford's this time, locals.)
Rohan was awake this time and loved it.

He kept stealing strawberries out of everyone's boxes and stuffing them in his mouth. He was a mess by the time we left.

Look at those angel eyes!

She was a mess by the time we left too - found the only mud in the whole field and wallowed in it while my back was turned!

The bounty.

This time we had chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries afterward.

I love fresh strawberries!


  1. Where is Rutherford's? Which one is better?

  2. Wow! That is a lot! I know a few years ago Rutherford's was a lot less expensive per pound...is that still true or are the comparable?

  3. Beautiful photos, too bad I can't pick them right from the screen. What a great experience for everyone, we haven't gone strawberry picking before at a local farm. We must do it this year. My oldest also has a knack for finding the mudding spots! ;)

  4. Rutherford's does cost less, and their strawberries are always delicious. They're out Mint Rd. Follow the strawberry signs. The past two years that we have gone to Maple Lane, they had big beautiful strawberries that had no flavor. I didn't want to go there any more, but when we wanted to go last Thursday, Rutherford's was closed. This year the strawberries at Maple Lane were good. Maybe it was a different variety than we picked before. This was the field closest to the house, and previously we picked out farther from the house. But Maple Lane does cost a little more, though I don't know the exact price per pound we paid. So overall, you can't go wrong at Rutherford's. The number there is 982-5891.

  5. Also, you should try and bring your own containers. If you can't, Rutherford's has buckets for 75 cents.

  6. What a wonderful post! Your children are beautiful! I cant wait for our strawberries to grow-http://catherineanne5.blogspot.com/