Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toddler Time

I saw this darling activity on two different sites this week and had to try it with Zahana. I painted part of a cardboard box and tied a string across the top of it. I cut the little clothes out of felt. It took me probably 15 minutes to put together . . . if you don't count all the time it took to find my little clothespins . . . and if you don't count the 27 interruptions. Anyway, it was simple to put together.

For Zahana, it was a little trickier than I realized it would be. First off, I goofed by having her pinch the clothespin with her right hand - I keep forgetting she's left-handed. She also had to remember to grasp the clothespin by the correct end, hold the clothes close enough to the line, and pinch line and clothes at the same time. So complicated! She was very patient though and kept working on it for a long time. I ended up folding the clothes over the line and letting her put the clothespin on. She also liked taking the clothes off the line and putting the clothes and the pins in their seperate baskets.

While I made the clothesline, Zaahana busied herself with cups, spoons, a turkey baster, and water in the sink.

Rohan stuck nails in playdough . . .

and entertained the cat.


  1. I saw those clotheslines too....not sure my boys would be into it...

    One of Lakin's favorite things is to stick a ton on golf tees into playdough

  2. Such great activities! Could you post a link of the clothesline activity? You did a beauitful job of it... and I love the idea of golf tees in playdough. Logan would love that! :) Time to make more playdough.


  3. Here's one site where I saw this.
    I don't remember where else I saw it.