Sunday, March 15, 2009


When Jeremiah met Zahana in Ethiopia, her hair was matted on top. The back of her head was worn and spotty partly due to a fungus.

So he had her head shaved before bringing her back. That gave her a clean start and made it easier on me at first (good since I had just had Rohan.) But I really wanted hair to play with. As it slowly grew out, I started giving her little twists and puffballs. I had a book on African-American hair care that was somewhat helpful. But there are some things that are hard to learn from a book. And some things that are hard to learn just from advice. I would ask people for advice, and it started not being enough. Zahana's hair would look good as soon as I fixed it but be so dry and fuzzy shortly after that it looked like I didn't really take care of her. Frustrating, because it took quite a bit of time to fix, and people kept telling me I should only have to fix her hair once every few days. And then the fuzz! Her hair began collecting fuzz more and more, and I grew more and more exasperated. So one Sunday morning, I walked into the church nursery and said to my African-American friend,E," I just don't know what to do with this head!" Thankfully, she offered to come over and SHOW me. That was exactly what I needed! A few days later, she brought her five darling kiddos, and while the others ran off to play, Zahana sat on a stool and had her hair appropriately cared for - finally. I knew to grease the hair, but I didn't know how. I would take a scoop of hair grease from the jar and blob it on. E started carefully at the nape of Zahana's neck and gradually rubbed tiny smears onto her scalp then combed it through. She also showed me to use a bristle brush to remove the fuzz. It never occurred to me to use a brush. Those two simple things have made a world of difference in Zahana's hair. Since the grease is applied to the scalp and carefully combed through to the ends of the hair, it actually lasts a lot longer and makes her hair look fuller and not so dry. And the fuzz battle has greatly diminished. So a BIG thank you to my friend, E! Zahana thanks you too.

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