Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Muffin Tin

The theme for today at Her Cup Overfloweth is green. So here's my first attempt at a themed muffin tin dinner. Haven't gone to the store this week, so I just used what I could find.

Spinach soup, celery with pb, peas, salad.


  1. I should have done peas instead of kids love peas!!

    Well done! Don't forget to leave the URL to the post next time when you comment!

  2. Great fist muffin tin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this blog world where I can run into family like YOU!!! I have no idea how you found my page, but I love that we can keep tabs on our big family this way. Grandma B was so interested in all of our blogs- Kristin's, Elsa's...and now I'll have to add yours to her favorite bar. She is so computer saavy. She insisted to have a facebook account after I showed her pictures of Sarah and Kathy in New Zealand that Kathy had posted. So, officially, our 90 year old Grandma has a facebook page! :)

    I can't wait to read more. I LOVE the muffin tins. I may try to serve Rory his dinner like that tomorrow.

  4. Oh what a fun game! You did GREAT! I will have to get in on Muffin Tin Monday... it looks great!


  5. Becca, I found you through The Jag Seven which I found through Elsa's blog. That so great to hear about Grandma. How do I see her facebook page - I've never been on there. Let me know if Rory like his muffin tin - ha ha!