Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cooking Badge

Miah finished her cooking badge for American Heritage Girls. She had to learn about the food pyramid and staying healthy. We did a unit on the human body in January which included that. The kids were really interested in the food pyramid. I had them record what they ate for a day on a food pyramid. I figured that would be the end of it, but they kept asking for a new chart for several days to record what they ate. And they would say things like, "Look, I ate all the fruits I need, but I need 3 more vegetables today." So that was fun to see them take an interest in healthy eating.
Next Miah was supposed to learn the names of different cooking utensils and how they are used. We went over everything in the drawer a couple times, but I think that's more of an ongoing thing - a little here, a little there. She really enjoys helping me in the kitchen.
Then she was supposed to prepare a snack for the family. She chose berries, which she defrosted in the microwave, and crackers.

And she had to make a healthy lunch. She wanted to make sandwiches. I offered to slice the bread for her, but she wanted to do it herself. Her attempts resulted in very thick sandwiches. She had a hard time getting her mouth around hers. But we all appreciated her efforts. And she really enjoyed doing something for everyone.

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