Thursday, February 26, 2009

Z is for. . .

. . . zoom! And Zahana, of course!

So tell me, which of my ABSee Meme photos did you like the best?

And, in honor of the letter Z, here are a few Z names I like:
Zuriel - Hebrew - God is my rock
Zimri - Hebrew - song of praise
Zaid - Arabic - increase, growth

Zahra - Arabic - shining, flower
Zuri - Swahili - beautiful
Zahavah - Hebrew - golden
Zaylie - princess
Zosha - wisdom
Zimra - Hebrew - song, singing


  1. That is an incredible!!! picture. I LOVE it... I may have to make that one of my 52...

    I am really enjoying catching up on your blog. I think you are the very first person that I have followed that posts more than me! :) Beautiful. I love every time I come here and look around. BTW, that moon toy that was made for you is pretty darned precious!


  2. Thanks Val! About the excessive blogging - yeah I think it's a little out of hand - going to have to slow down a little and get back to work around here!