Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday's Lessons

We all went to Cherokee National Forest yesterday. Jeremiah gave the kids their lessons.

Rock-skipping lessons.

Frisbee-throwing lessons.

Then after Larkin fell out of a rhododendron

. . . tree-climbing lessons.

Other scenes from the day. Move your mouse over the pictures and find:
*Miah and Larkin climbing
*Miaj looking out at the lake
*A killdeer
*A vulture
*Jeremiah and Rohan
*Larkin and Miah with the fishing pole they made
*Zahana's feet after getting stuck in the mud
*Jeremiah and the kids at Bald River Falls
*Higher up on Bald River Falls
*A Chickadee
*More hiking
*A hearty meal after a hard day's play

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