Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I'm Learning. . .

. . . to go with an interest, not an agenda. And it's not so easy. I mean, I have plans, lots of plans, detailed plans, important plans! But then Larkin says, can we play this math game one more time? Can I go all the way to 100 instead of just 40? Well, that doesn't exactly fit into my schedule. . . But why did we play the game in the first place? To learn or reinforce a concept. So it's a worthy thing to do, and it has sparked an interest. And who really wants to deny the kid more math?!
Or Miah asks me to read another chapter when I need to go start supper. I could say, "We'll do it later," which is my tendency. But later doesn't come. Not just because, I don't make time for it, but because the interest has passed. Something else has come up, and the moment is gone.
So I'm trying to resist the urge to say, "Later," or rush to get my list complete. It's hard, but I'm trying. ;)

Going all the way to 100!

Flexibility: It’s the children we are doing this for, so enjoy them while they are here. Be flexible. Be spontaneous. Aren’t these some of the reasons we do all this? - Betsy Chastain

It's so easy for us to see the absurdity of focusing on teaching a duck to climb instead of encouraging it to swim. But many of us are guilty of being so concerned that our kids are "keeping up" with where the other kids are that we focus more on covering our bases than allowing our children time to explore and develop their interests. -Nancy Carter


  1. Sarah, I am soaking up your posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on promoting interests rather than an agenda. That is certainly something that can't be fostered in the public school as everyone is trying to "keep up", but this is a great lesson for parents in general to help kids reach goals and to encourage their personal interests even at home. Flexibility is such a great trait to teach kids but how can they learn it if they're always required to follow every rule and are never shown how graciousness works? Good lessons!!!

  2. Hi Sarah! How lovely to see you in blog world! Your pictures are so beautiful.