Friday, February 20, 2009

R is for. . .

. . . random! Just a few pictures of this and that.

Larkin and Rose, the cat

A frosty day

A bird made by Larkin out of pins

And Rohan!


  1. Oh, wow, Sarah! My mouth is hanging open at how many creative, fun projects you have for your children! What a great teacher you are!

    Creativity is not my forte and I'm always afraid the children don't have enough fun activities planned. If I had the amount that you have in your baby finger...

    Thanks for visiting, I was so excited to see that you have a blog, too. Oh, and Charlotte Mason is definitely my favorite approach to homeschooling. I'm just better at the literary side of things!

    Take care! Your children are precious. Squeezable!


  2. Oh my goodness... That first picture is just totally adorable! I love it.


  3. Kim,
    I get ALL my ideas from other sources, so I really can't claim to be creative. My kids are more creative than I am. I get a lot of ideas from LaPaz Home Learning (see sidebar). Now there's a creative lady!

  4. Val, Jeremiah took that one. :)