Tuesday, February 17, 2009

P is for . . .

. . . piano.

Jeremiah brought home a piano for us a couple years ago. I don't play and have never been interested in playing. I am, generally speaking, not that musically inclined. I even prefer not to have the radio on or a CD playing - even if I'm alone in the car. So while music isn't really my fascination, it is fascinating to watch someone else's musical interest and talent develop. Miah started asking to play several months ago, so I bought a little first lesson book for her, and we began working our way through it. At first, it seemed very hard for her and almost a chore. But we plugged away slowly, and she has made it through the first book. Not just "made it through" - she has begun to delight in it. I was watching her play the other day (not "practice", but play - of her own accord). First she would play a little song then say, "Now let's see what it sounds like up here. . . and down here." Then she proceeded to count all the keys. This looks to me like love and joy. She plays a made-up tune, and to my untrained, biased ears, it sounds lovely, even touching. It's like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. I may just be seeing one trembling leg poking out right now, but I know something beautiful is emerging. And I watch in awe.


  1. Hello and thank you so much for your lovely comment Sarah.
    How wondrful to have a musical talent in your family.
    I love music but alas can not play.

  2. This is written beautifully, Sarah. You've painted a picture that is still being formed and I love how you likened her emergence to that of a butterfly.