Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Daily Bread

The kids are learning the Lord's Prayer. So as I was making bread, I was thinking on that line, "Give us this day our daily bread." What did Jesus mean by "bread?" Food to sustain our body, certainly, but our souls and minds also need "bread". As a mother, I am a provider for my children, not of financial means, but it's my job to put the food on the table, fill their minds with wholesome thoughts, and nourish their souls.
Charlotte Mason had plenty to say on the daily bread a child requires.
"The mind, like the body, requires quantity, variety and regularity in the sustenance offered to it. Like the body, the mind has its appetite, the desire for knowledge. . . Like the body, again, the mind rejects insipid, dry, and unsavory food . . . it is nourished upon ideas and absorbs facts only as these are connected with the living ideas upon which they hang. Children educated upon some such lines as these respond in a surprising way, developing capacity, character, countenance, initiative and a sense of responsibility."
I would say that the mind's appetite can be developed as well as the body's appetite. A child can be raised on sweets and have no appetite for healthy food, but we know he should have vegetables and fruits and whole grains. Likewise, we can feed a child with literary trash with the thought, "Well, at least he's reading," but the mind is not being nourished, and an appetite for knowledge is not being developed. Likewise, the spirit of a child is nourished by the thoughts that go in, resulting in character (whether good or bad.)
So let us not be guilty of giving a stone when the children say, "Give us this day our daily bread." Let us be careful to nourish their bodies, the minds, and their souls, even as God nourishes us with His Word and provides for our every need.

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  1. I have enjoyed seeing your alphabet series take shape... very fun! Wish I could do it too. :)

    This entry really grabbed my attention. It just feels fitting and right on a day like today with the holiday we celebrate. What more can you give your children than to nourish as God so lovingly does so for us? Thank you for sharing...