Sunday, February 1, 2009

Babes at Work Part II

Gotta keep those little ones busy! Zahana and Rohan have been hard at work, having fun.

Just a parmesan cheese can and straws cut to different lengths. They poke the straws in the holes and try to dump them back out. This occupies Rohan longer than Zahana.

Painting with water on the chalkboard.

Spooning puffballs into a mini-muffin tin.

Shape puzzle Jeremiah made.

Sorting colored beads into a painted egg carton.

Stringing beads.

Simple feely box Jeremiah made.

The wonderful marble machine Grandpa made for us for Christmas. Rohan likes to drop in the marble, then quickly stick his finger in the hole to keep it from rolling out right away.

Rohan is really into balancing balls and marbles on top of things right now. Any ideas for expanding this interest?

Another homemade toy. One post straight up, and one sideways to slide shapes onto. It was fun watching Rohan learn the sideways one. He's so happy when he can accomplish something. . . aren't we all?

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