Friday, January 23, 2009

Bookstore Bargains

I tried to go to the library the other day and it was closed, so I went to the used-book store. (Not what I would usually do, but Jeremiah insisted.) Here's what I found!

Three little nature guides and a Christmas book. A book about ancient China (which just happens to be what we're learning about right now!) Reading the Past: Runes, which is what I'm now reading. And Charlotte Mason's A Philosophy of Education. I look forward to gleaning from that one. I've read other author's books about Charlotte Mason but none by Charlotte Mason herself.

And a real treat - an art book with beautiful pictures of Robert Bateman's work!

"John Ruskin said, " Make yourselves nests of pleasant thoughts, bright fancies, faithful sayings: treasure-houses of precious and restful thoughts, which care cannot disturb nor poverty take away from you, houses built without hands for your souls to live in." It is especially important for us, as homeschooling mothers, to fill ourselves with new knowledge and pleasant experiences, so that we can have much to offer our children. What we sow we will later reap in our children." (Sorry, I don't know where I found this quote.)

"Wise know the past. They know dead languages. Know lore of ages. Fools don’t. And this knowledge of their tradition doesn’t make them impractical or conservative or more prone to obey authority. It gives their imagination scope. It gives their practical deliberation wisdom. It gives them a long view of events, and a proper perspective on them. It gives them an independence and freedom that isn’t available to those who haven’t worked to know the things they know." - Unknown

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